Acknowledgements: we couldn't have done it without you

There are many people who have helped us over the years to develop, test and trial these products. We are extremely grateful for their assistance and advice, and their belief that the vision of an environmentally and economically sustainable industry was worth pursuing.

They include the following companies and people (in no particular order):

Hort Research, IPM Research, New Zealand Citrus Growers Incorporated, AGMARDT, Yates NZ, Nufarm, Elliott Technologies, Crop and Food, Jaychem Industries, Villa Maria Estate.

Peter Wood, Pat Sale, Philippa Stevens, Vicki Willis, David Steven, Rob Taylor, Philip Elmer, Andrew Tompkin,Tony Reglinski,Don McNaughton, Henry Pak, Jim Walker, Peter Lo, Stephen Bradley, Roddy Blank, John Clearwater, Robin Gaskin, Richard Meinhold, Peter Workman, Hank Cutler, Maureen Henry, Bob Fullerton, Warren Thomas, Andrew Harty, Kerry Everett, Jill McLaren, Rudi Jancys, Patricia Hapi, Trevor Patterson, Alan Clarke, Alan Kale, Garry Elliott, Willy Hegarty, Ken Jeffery, Pete deJong, Emma Taylor, Ollie Powrie, Jonathan Hamlet, Brett Murdoch, Helen Codlin (Henry).

And those more recently involved in bringing through HML32 (In no particular order):

Plant and Food Research, Tech NZ as a funding agent of Ministry of Science and Innovation, Fruition Horticulture, Massey University, Cawthron Institute, Sileni Estates, Villa Maria Estate, Yealands, Wither Hills, Giesens, Vavasour, Cloudy Bay, Nautilus, C J Pask, Elephant Hill, Kokako Farm, Palliser Estate, Southdown Estate, Mudhouse (NZ Vineyard Estate), Pernod-Ricard, Monowai Estate.

Peter Wood (a special thanks for advice and support), Stephen Bradley, John Van de Linden, Peter Yealands, Janey Fisher, Susan Neighbours, Raewyn Paviour, Pat Holland, David White, Gareth Goodsir, Jenny Brown, Bruce Shipley, David Manktelow, Brent Fisher, Bridget Evans, Simon Hooker, Philip Manson, Marcelo Nunez Cofre and Emma Lowe, Susan Mains, Tony Green, Bryon Strachan, John DeDenne, Jonathan Hamlet, Ollie Powrie, Murray Hill, Claire Pinker, Emma Taylor, Jenny Dobson, Alan Clarke, Brett Donaldson, Jacqueline McLaughlan, Samantha Scarratt, Dwyane Ternent, Michael Collins, Peter Chapman, Doug and Delwyn Bell, Caine and Brittany Thompson, Allan Johnson, Blair Savage, Nick Hoskins, Jim White, Nick Hunter, Peter Lamb, Nick Winter, Justin Weaver, Andrew Naylor, Shane Rohloff, Mark Williams, Allan Crocker, Mathew Duncan, Graham Bartleet, Bruce Nimon, Gary Wood, Danny Van Selm, Duncan Cramp, Jean-Luc Dufour, Terry Fraser, Greg Dryden, Grant Edmonds, Hugh Crichton, Dave McKee, Warren Gibson – and my greatest supporter and good mate, Helen Codlin (Henry).

My apologies to anyone not mentioned.