HML Silco™

HML Silco is a potassium silicate adjuvant product . When mixed with our potassium soap based products of Protectorhml and HML32, it supports excellent spreading characteristics while retaining remarkable surface tension or ‘stickability’. Click here to see a video showing this effect.

The enhancement HML Silco provides to HML32 and sulphur for powdery mildew control was demonstrated in the Grape Powdery Mildew Prevention Trial 2015-16 at Dartmoor Rd, Hawke’s Bay.

A quantity of HML Silco was then available in the 2016-17 season and a number of growers used the product with HML32 and sulphur as part of their powdery mildew prevention programme with great success.

The 2016-17 Machine Sprayed Powdery Mildew Prevention Trial at Ngatarawa Rd, Hawke’s Bay shows HML32/Sulphur/HML Silco having the same statistical efficacy as HML32/Sulphur/Copper. Both spray mixes have eradicant abilities as well as protectant abilities and this is a critical feature in a modern powdery mildew spray programme.

HML Silco is available in both powder and liquid form and are Biogro certified. Organic growers should note that use of HML Silco is only permitted as an adjuvant with Biogro approved fungicides. It is not permitted within those standards to use it alone. It is also not permitted for exports to Canada.

Note: Read the HML Silco label carefully. If left on glass, HML Silco can cause minor damage. Wash tractor windows immediately if spraying in slightly windy conditions. A marine product called ‘Grunt E-mer- gel’ will remove it from glass but a more permanent cure would be a stick-on protective film like that used on car windows.

Registration and Safety Information