Our philosophy

Photo of Chris Henry, pictured with Helen Codlin in the vineyard

Henry Manufacturing Ltd is a family-owned New Zealand company.

Our business is helping growers succeed in a demanding industry. We do this by providing crop protection products which have been proven in the field by us, then by growers themselves.

Our direction is very much data led. We receive valuable support and advice from growers, scientists and consultants, this is often freely given, reflecting their desire to help other growers, and the industry as a whole.

We are not 'anti chemical' and fully understand that chemical use is a result of grower need. However, our focus is the development of ‘softer’ ways of growing to achieve better long term outcomes for growers, and the industry as a whole.

Chris and David Henry own the business. David takes care of the financial operations and Chris works full-time on product development, research and extension. Chris’s wife Helen joined the team full time in August 2015.

The legacy they wish to leave is one where well researched, field-tested, plant-based products offer no toxicity to the grower, yet provide excellent efficacy for a reasonable price.